Kaisha Lee

Singer, actor (piano)

Lee is music personified. Born and raised mostly in Toronto, she was heavily influenced by jazz, soul, gospel sounds, and melodies from her Jamaican roots. Both her Jamaican parents were strong music lovers with an impressive album collection. As an upcoming artist, she had the opportunity to tour the world with professional gospel & classical chorales (notably a mezzo soprano soloist for The Nathaniel Dett Chorale) and performed at the first inauguration of former U.S. President Barack Obama. She even claimed a Gemini Award for song writing. Since launching her solo career in 2009, Kaisha has performed amongst numerous well-known reggae artists. Her own album, I Heart Reggae, has spawned several hit singles. Living in Jamaica as a child for a short time was one experience. Living in Jamaica as an adult with a song on iriefm and hype tv brought another unique experience to the development of this young artist. Kaisha’s style runs the gamut from Jazz, R&B and soul to reggae, from jazz to dancehall. To add to her considerable repertoire, she spent 2 years as the resident vocalist/pianist at Le Piano Rouge Lounge in Montreal. Although Kaisha completed her bachelors of fine arts in vocal performance, and at that point was teaching piano for 7 years, the vocal pedagogy and in depth study of vocal physiology did not start till after university. With more than 21 years of experience teaching music, Kaisha is the owner and operator of The Instrumental Voice School of Music and Holistic Center. Her teaching goes far beyond book theory to finding meaning in her deep personal experiences. 10 years of physical struggle that threatened to derail her career have led her down the path to becoming the holistic vocal coach she is today. She also credits, among others, her voice teachers, Ali Garrison and master teacher Angela Hawleshka, with playing integral roles in her recovery and empowerment. Using holistic practices, Kaisha successfully overcame the debilitating illness and back injury that nearly ended her career. Finding that freedom in her body also helped her find freedom in her natural voice. Weekly performances with the corporate band “1945” included dancing, as well as singing. The last 7 years in Montreal, she has also sung and played piano at the House of Jazz. With the return to her home, Toronto 2019, she is embarking on expanding her musical scope to theatre and as always, new musical projects are on the rise.